Tourism and Exchange

Business Tourism

CCBRC is responsible for organizing business missions for the most important business fairs in China. The complete solution on costs, airlines, travel times, hotel and tourism tips, how to have good results negotiating with Chinese and other topics can be managed and explained in detail via email. See some examples of major fairs in China:

  • Canton Fair
  • Construction Fair
  • Textile Fair
  • Machine Fair
  • Electronics Fair
  • Plastic Fair
  • Medical Equipment Fair
  • Gifts and Packaging Fair
  • Fair for jewelry, semi-jewelry and accessories
  • Engineering and Telecom Fair
  • Other Major Fairs

Cultural Tourism

With CCBRC you immerse yourself in Chinese culture and discover more about the country’s customs, politics and economy. Find out how to schedule by contacting us.


An immersive experience in China is important to develop skills and knowledge regarding foreign trade. The exchange is recommended for those who want to know a little more about the daily life of the destination country. CCBRC takes you there! Know our plans.