Translation and Interpreters

It is not easy to adapt right away to an unknown culture for us. For this reason, we have Mandarin translators and interpreters, who will help you to solve all your doubts about bureaucratic procedures, import steps and other technical details involving public and private institutions.

Brazil-China Interpreters

CCBRC offers follow-up service at fairs, factories, technical visits and meetings if you do not speak Mandarin, English or do not know the city you are going to.

Many Brazilians make the mistake of thinking that speaking English is sufficient and doing business on their own, but some terms may not be discussed causing major losses at the time of delivery. CCBRC understands that the Chinese may try to issue or embed terms that have not been previously agreed upon, and can help you and your company achieve better results in your meetings and visits in China.

Simple and Technical Translator

Simple Translation is a service without the need to check the legal value of the translated document, the Technical Translation of documents focuses on aspects belonging to the most diverse areas of specialization, from the technical point of view.

Sworn Translation

Translation that has public faith, that is, it gives legal value, before public bodies and institutions, to a document that has been issued in a foreign language.