Our Services

International Advisory

Marketing and Product Ressearch

Market research and development for products and services in international bilateral trade, supporting negotiations and legal certainty with over 30 years of experience in international market.

Suppliers Development

Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce conducts comprehensive audits on suppliers of company records, registrations and certification, the conditions and ability to standardize products during production, following all Brazilian quality standards.

International Certificates

Consultancy and assistance in obtaining export certificates for products to the Chinese market.

Project Management

Turn Key Projects

Solutions in all stages of the process: consulting, design, infrastructure, implementation, training and operation.

Door to Door operation

Logistic solutions, were the product goes directly from the supplier to client, with management centralized by only one logistic operator.

Joint Venture

Consultancy on fusions and aquisitions from bilateral companys with all suport and legal security between parts. Consultoria em fusões e aquisições de empresas bilaterais com todo suporte empresarial e segurança jurídica entre as partes. Dessa forma, garantimos que todo o acordo feito entre organizações distintas ocorra da maneira mais ágil, rápida e transparente para ambos os envolvidos.

Translations and Interpreters​

Simple and technical translation

Simple Translation is a service without need to check the legal value of the translated document, the Technical Translation of documents focuses on aspects belonging to the most diverse areas of specialization, from the technical point of view.

Sworn translation

Translation that gives legal value before public agency and institutions to a document that has been issued in a foreign language.

Interpreters on Brazil and China

CCBRC offers follow-up service at fairs, factories, technical visits and meetings if you do not speak Mandarin, English or do not know the city you are going to.

Tourism and Exchange

Business Tourism

CCBRC is responsible for organizing business missions for the most important business fairs in China. The complete solution on costs, airlines, travel times, hotel and tourism tips, how to have good results negotiating with Chinese and other topics can be managed and explained in detail via email.

Cultural Tourism

With CCBRC you immerse yourself in Chinese culture and discover more about the country's customs, politics and economy. Find out how to schedule by contacting us.


An immersive experience in China is important to develop skills and knowledge regarding foreign trade. The exchange is recommended for those who want to know a little more about the daily life of the destination country. CCBRC takes you there! Know our plans.

Legal in China

Coming Soon.

Legal Advisory

Coming Soon.

Tributary Solutions

The Brazil – China Chamber of Commerce offers tax solutions for tax refund of partner companies. Solutions include federal, state and municipal taxes.
We offer exemptions from IPI and II for some products, exemption from ICMS on entry into products imported from China, bank credit for imports and solutions for importing door to door from China.

Events and Fairs

Canton Fair

Maior feira multisetorial da ásia com mais de 1.000.000 de m² e mais de 60.000 estandes com 25.000 expositores dividido em 3 fases em 2 edições por ano.

Fair Callendar

1st. Phase 15 - 19 April | 2nd. Phase 23 - 27 April | 3rd. Phase 01 - 05 May.
1st. Phase 15 - 19 October. | 2nd. Phase 23 - 27 October. | 3nd. Phase 31 - 04 November.

Corporate Pack

Travel packages for your company with all the necessary service and advisory.